Anagen Atelier
[ an-e-jen uh·teh·lee·ei ]

Anagen, by definition, is the growth phase of your hair.

At Anagen Atelier we understand the how’s and why’s of your hairs growth cycle, and we use this knowledge to give you long-lasting health and beauty. We specialize in high-end cut, color, styling and offer the highest quality hand-tied hair extensions and products. As hair care experts, we believe that health and beauty are not mutually exclusive. By seeking out the best products, methods, and techniques that we can find we are able to provide you with the best of both worlds, all in one studio.

Beautiful hair has the power to bring you into alignment with your true-self and can transform the way you experience your world. Not only can we give you beautiful hair, but we can make sure that it lasts.

7614 Wydown Boulevard, Suite 102 Clayton, MO 63105